Wednesday, October 28

Round Up - 22 Days To Go

First we got the Bella/Edward Kiss Scene!
Well, Summit May Have Just Killed Me Before Hand! My Heart Melted At This Scene, And I Got Tingles All Over My Body [Yes ALL, Especially At The Point Where Edward Grunts! WTF Was With That, But Do I Give A Crap? It Was Hot!]
And When Bella Grabbed Edwards Face....DIED! <3

And Then Some MSN/Scream Footage, to be honest i really couldnt give a crap about this at first, all werewolves and blah blah how we made them blah blah

and the TADA Kristen came on my screen :) * Big smile across J's face *

And she said the word 'animalistic' and i died right there! who uses that word? who could pull off using that word? Ummm...Kristen mabye? i think so!

and then once she was off the screen, i lost interest again....

Finally we have a confirmation that Rob/Kristen and Pup are going to be on Jimmy Kimmel on 20th november!

Well hallelujah for some Robsten action [we will crop pup out of every sreencap, unless Summit want to ruin our life by putting him in the middle]

Robsten chemistry = J cant freeking wait!

And so that concludes the round up for 28th october, and by making this blog post i have just watched the Bella/Edward kiss another 3 times.....

22 days to go!


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  1. great blog love it <3 the kiss scene melt my heart to to much hotness i cant handle love my rob and kristen and yeah i love the puppy too
    is a cutie just not between robsten xoxo
    folow me is you want twitter/natywentz i cant wait for new moon my heart is going to explote earlier xo