Saturday, October 31

19 days to go....

Ok, first we have Kristen arriving in Brazil!
She looks cute/gorgeous/beautiful the norm!
But that video...euggghh the hideous video!
It was horrible and Summit should be shot for that!
She was basically carried through the terminal whilst she was being molested by fans! eugggghh!!! horrible, i hope Brazil fans get better, cos that was some uncomfortable shit!

ROBERT PATTINSON, YOU KILL ME! These 2 shots seriously hurt to look at, they slay me too much and i get weak at the knees and im sitting down!!!

And then a few minutes ago, we get this....................
There are no words, i was speechless for about 5 mins and i just stared, nothing else, just staring
melting into those blue eyes, dying, slowly slowly dying!

And this morning, the birthday scene!!! awwwwwww!
Ive always been Team Edward, but today a foot stepped over into the land of Team Emmett!
how he said 'hot' made me laugh out loud, and i was having breakfast with the mother, i got some strange, strange looks!
19 days to go..................

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