Sunday, November 1

18 days to go....leggirl and the HOTTEST MAN IN THE WORLD!

ROBERT PATTINSON, i love you, its official, i used to just love the stewy but no, i have crossed into Robland!!!
Rob on the piano = DEAD
Rob in a bed = DEAD
Rob in Vanity Fair = DEAD!
And this photo! I cry! Rob wearing a lobster bib???? how much i heart this!!!!!!!!
I AM DEAD! And im sure you are too!

The Stew...KStew...Kristen, whatever you want to call her, i am now officialy going to call her leggirl! Have you seen them??????


Beyonce's ass has insurane, Britneys hair has insurance, Kristen, get some insurance on those badboys, im out to get them!

and on twitter today i got asked 'are you a boy' i said no and then they go onto say 'are you gay' then i realised they would be talking about my obsesseion for the leggirl! No im not gay, i love Robert Pattinson too much for that, but i would SO turn gay for leggirl....and you would to, dont deny it!

and the pup was there, but meh we have hotter men to talk about today......

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