Friday, January 1

BRING ON 2010!

First can i just say, i LOVE beardrob. end of. and im sure this one below loves it to!

and second can i just say how naturally beautiful Kristen looks in this pic?! Cant believe i ever was doubtful about the jett hair, she totally rocks it.

and that lil kiddo....your a LEGEND ;)

Ok, so, Kristen is in the UK. with Rob. they are together.
To Robsten's: can i get a hell yeah?!
To Nonsten's: Told you....

If your as happy as i am, then congrats. We have more proof to add to our Robsten project.

15 August= Kings Of Leon concert.
3rd November = Harpers Bazaar
10th November = Hand Holding pics
Just to mention a few.

If your not happy at all, cool, we dont really care. you think what you think, and we will think what we think.

Sweet Robsten Dreams in 2010
Its going to be a good year......


  1. I'm sooooooooo's an Amazing way to star the year.

  2. i got my new years wish, aaaaaaaah!!! ROBSTEN lives *heaven*

  3. best news of 2010 so far... i know they are together but confirmations are always awesome!

  4. im sooooooooooooo glade to see them togetter . i hope this year well be a good one for both of them HAPPY NEW YEARS Rob and Kris we love ya and BE SAFE